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Braya's Rose Garden

Roses are usually associated with life and love, it is because of this
association I have created this rose garden and have dedicated it to
those who have been involved in adoption. Here you will find my stories
about being an adoptee and a birthmother.  On each page dedicated to
the different aspects of myself you will also find a support system for
those who are involved in the adoption experience. On my birthmother
page I have placed a new e-mail discussion and support
group for all birthrelatives. This is brand new and my hope is to have
people sign up and share their own experiences. Only those who have been
through it truly know what you are going through.

On my adoption page you will also find a new e-mail discussion group.
This is to give support to adoptees in any way needed. Whether you are
searching and need resoures or just would like to share your adoption
story you may join this e-mail discussion group.

If you would like to talk to me pesonally I can be reached many
different ways:
AOL/AIM/MSN Messanger: Lady Braya
ICQ #: 2480281

My Birthmother Story

My Adoption Story