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For just 29 years now, there is not a day that goes by where I don't give thanks for being adopted.  I cannot recall a time where my mother or father actually sat me down and told me I was adopted. It has always been in my conscious memory. The word adoption as always meant love and carried a wonderful feeling with it. I never felt I needed to search for my birthparents because each day I carry them within myself.  My parents had received a small background history of me when I was five years old, so I always knew where I got my blonde hair from and my blue eyes.  Its been hard for me to put my feelings about being adopted into words but I think, I hope that I finally have through the following story I wrote.  And if by chance my birthparents do come across this site and my story, I would like you to know you are always in my heart and I wish to say thanks, for I have turned out to be the daughter you always hoped I would be due to the sacrifices you made 29 years ago.





A Word of Thanks


"Because my parents loved children so much they adopted three.." a quote from an artist's exhibit displayed next to a photo of her parents.


From the time that I can remember, I always knew I was adopted. My parents told me that they loved children so much they adopted me even though they already had a child of their own. It is because of their statement of love I rarely had my doubts about who I was or where I belonged. For myself, I know I can look into the mirror and see the reflection of my mother and father who sacrificed so much to give me life. For I believe I have my mother's eyes, my father's nose and my grandmother's mouth. I have never met these people, who gave me life, or seen a photo for that mater, and yet every day they are truly a part of my life and a part of me through my reflection in the mirror. But behind my reflection I see two other images standing there. They are of the people who also have sacrificed themselves for me. They are the ones that held me when I cried, picked me up when I fell and encouraged my dreams to soar. For I have my father's ambition, my mother's determination and my grandmother's compassion. My outward appearance allows me to see my roots and where I have come from. My inner appearance allows me to see where I am going and who I will be. My birthparents gave me a past and my adoptive parents gave my a future. Each dependent on each other, for one cannot exist without the other.










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