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Spiritual Waterfalls

I walk within the Spirit World. I listen and converse with my ancestors, learning their wisdom and their patience, for I have many lessons to learn. My ancestors empower me with knowledge, kindness, humility and respect. These are the tools of the Old Ways. Tools that tend to be brushed aside in our busy modern lives. I walk the path of my ancestors so that one day I can face the Great Spirit with honor and pride.

Greetings and welcome to my spiritual waterfall. Here you will find a unique blending of Native American Shamanism and British Celtic Paganism.  After many years of being spiritually lost I began to discover my roots and in turn  it brought me to a pagan way of life. I have tried to provide here the knowledge I have gained in my spiritual search in hope to share my findings with others.


Please respect my religious beliefs, for more information on respect please click here.



My Beliefs


Ceremonies, Rituals and Tools




The Path of a Shaman


The Medicine Wheel