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The general purpose of the giveaway is to devalue the material aspects of life, while at the same time exalting the
spiritual values of giving. The objective of the Wapani is to give something away. You may give to anyone; someone
you don't know, a relative, a friend. Perhaps you will experience the highest form of giveaway; forgiveness. Forgive
an enemy or a foe. Maybe you will give away love to someone that you consider unloveable.

In a material sense, you may give away something that means quite a bit to you. Perhaps you will give away
something you make yourself with a special blessing. Perhaps you will give away something in your medicine bag.
Whatever you give away, it must be meaningful, at least to you.

To giveaway in a sacred manner, you must giveaway thoughtfully and with caring. If you give away an item used in
a sacred manner, be sure that it has been smudged. This will cleanse it of any possible misuse or handling by an
unclean person before you hand it on to another.

The person receiving your wapani need not know the significance of the gift. You should not demand thanks or
appreciation. The giveaway is the purpose, not thanks. In your meditations for a few days after practicing wapani,
be alert to recognize the effects this giveaway has had upon you and your progress on the medicine path. The
giveaway must not be practiced once and then forgotten. You should giveaway to mark all special milestones upon
your path.

It is not wrong to possess material items. Excessive attachment to these material things, however, will impede your
progress upon the medicine path. Above all, remember, give your love to every living thing, as we are all related,
and the love will come back to you.