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Teach Your Children

What God should we put back in school?
That seems to be the trouble.
Each of have different versions
Of the same great puzzle.

Will you teach the god of Wicca
And include the Goddess too?
Or is your God the only one
Looking out for me and you?

When you teach commandments
Will you teach the trinity?
What about the God of love
Who lives inside of me?

How will you teach the children
That it's okay to pray
When they go home to parents
Who don't believe that way?

I don't think a simple answer
lies within the schools.
It's in the hands of each of us
To teach them our God's rules.

Go home and teach your children
About tolerance not fear.
The things that make us different
Are traits we must revere.

Don't leave it to the system
To teach them the right path.
You gave them life, now teach them love.
Let the schools deal with their math.

-D. L.  Whited