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The blood red agate lends strength, courage, longevity, love, healing, protection and is good for gardening. In general agate increases your plant's fertility. In ancient times it was utilized to ensure the earth be plentiful. Use it in love spells for purity and to ensure purity of our blood. It would be a good stone to carry to protect us all from the AIDS virus along with today's standard protective practices. Agates come in various colours, each colour lends to you its energy.

Banded agate increases energy and eases stress. Black agate offers courage and success in competitions. Black and White agate guards against physical dangers. Blue Lace agate relieves stress and reduces family quarrels. Brown or Tawny agate was once worn by ancient warriors in battle and is a wealth talisman. Green agate is worn to improved the health. Moss agate due to its curious markings like trees or moss is a gardeners talisman. It is also used for spells for riches, happiness and long life. Red agate was worn in Ancient Rome to guard against insect bites, heal the blood, and promote peace.


Amber is perhaps the oldest substance used for human adornment. Its projective forces bring luck, healing, strength, beauty and love. It is not a stone but fossilized resin of coniferous trees of the Oligocene epoch. Beads and pendants have been found in grave sites dating back to 8000 B.C.E. It was once a living substance (sap that sustained a trees life) it was believed to contain the very essence of life itself. Amber has been utilized for nearly every purpose in magic. Wiccas and Shaman always wear amber necklaces combined with Jet. Those born in November will be drawn to its topaz like colour. See also: fossils and jet


Amethyst, a purple quartz, is receptive and its powers are used to overcome alcoholism, protect, heal, bring courage and happiness. This purple stone is seeped in ancient magic. It a stone used in spiritual journeys. Visualize and send your pain to the stone, as your hand releases the stone release all hurt as well, know that it is gone from you, and that is the magic. The earth will absorb the hurt, leaving your amethyst free. See also: geodes and quartz


The apache tear is projective and will protect and bring luck. It is a translucent obsidian and carried for a good luck charm. The Native American Indian Shaman held this stone in great esteem.


The aquamarine is receptive and promotes psychism, peace, courage, and is the sea-goddesses of Ancient Egypt's stone. Aquamarine is a protective amulet and can be worn to relieve pain and ensure good health. Every ancient culture left us with this stone embedded in its jewelry.


The aventurine is projective and is used to strengthen mental powers and eyesight. Gamblers use this stone to increase their luck. The all-round luck stone will enhance your creative talents.


This deep blue beautiful stone is receptive and has long been used to increase psychic powers. Hold one in your hand when trying to decide something in your future.


Beryl is receptive and is used in healing and promoting energy. Dr. Dee, a fifth-century scryer in Ireland, had a sphere of beryl which is now housed the British Museum. Ancient peoples utilized beryl in rituals designed to bring rain. Beryl is used to send energy into the body. Wear it during study to increase your retention of information. See also: cat's eye


Bloodstone is a projective green chalcedony flecked with red spots. In ancient Babylon the stone was worn to overcome enemies and was used in Ancient Egypt to open doors and break bonds. Its most famous use is to halt bleeding. It was always carried by soldiers. Because it is green is utilized wealth, money and business spells. The 13th century people believed this stone increased your magical rites. This is the stone of March. The ancients called this stone hematite, although what we call hematite today is a different stone entirely. See also: chalcedony and hematite


This stone is projective and is a red form of chalcedony. Ancient Egypt believed it could promote peace and harmony and to dispel depression, healing, courage and sexual energy. Carnelian was worn to prevent skin diseases and as a general health-inducer. This stone may be worn to stimulate the sexual drive. See also: diamond and onyx


The cat's eye is projective and is used to promote wealth, beauty, healing and again is good for gambling. The Ancient Asian cat's eye was a form of chrysoberyl. It is worn to increase beauty and preserve youthfulness. Those born in August will be drawn to this stone. The Cat's eye can dispel depression and gives pleasure. See also: chalcedony


Chalcedony is receptive and promotes peace, protection and is good for nightmares. It is common with other stones in that it banishes fear, depression and sadness. In the 16th century it was prescribed by magicians to dissolve illusions and fantasies. Italian mothers wear beads of chalcedony to increase lactation. See also: bloodstone and carnelian


The citrine is projective and is used also for nightmares and carried for protection. Citrine is a form of quartz and will facilitate psychic awareness. This stone is prized among the Wiccas and Shaman. See also: geodes and quartz


Coral is receptive and has healing powers. It regulates menstruation, protects and promotes wisdom. Coral is neither a stone nor a plant, but the skeletal remains of a tiny sea creature. We have gone beyond a time when we have to sacrifice living things to practice magic -- but if you find a piece washed up on the sea shore, you are harming none. It is up to you if you wish to utilize commercial coral in magic. The Italians have long believed in the powers of the coral and in Greek coral comes from two Greek words meaning daughter of the sea. Coral is worn to effect inner changes.


Legend has it that the first diamond that Europeans found was in the pouch of an African Shaman. The projective powers of the diamond touch the spirituality in us all. It is protective and affords us courage and peace. It is the symbol by which many of us promise our devotion to one another. Today, the world's supply of diamonds is carefully monitored to maintain an artificially high price and make them so coveted. It is the stone of April. See also: carnelian and onyx


The emerald is considered the most expense stone on our planet. It is representative of our planet. It is receptive and promotes the powers of love, money, protection and eyesight. Throughout the world the emerald was worn or utilized in magic for protection. In India it was once believed to halt nocturnal emissions. This stone is for those born the month of May.


Fluorite is a projective stone of the New Age. It increases the mental powers. It has no long history of magical uses but is now being discovered. Some people use fluorite to strengthen the effects of other stones. It may be found at craft tables in the form of glass-like coke bottle green cubes.


Fossils are the remains -- or the negative impressions -- of ancient creatures and plants that perished millions of years ago.  Fossils have been found in neolithic burial sites in Europe. The ritual uses of fossils are ancient. They are the power tools of the Shaman used to amplify energy. As they are timeless they are worn to increase the lifespan. Amber and Jet are two other fossils I have included because of their magical powers. See also: amber and jet


The garnet a fiery red stone is projective and is used for healing, protection and strength. It is worn or used in magic to enhance the bodies strength. It strengthens the aura and creates a shield of protection for its wearer. For example, a would-be mugger might pass you be because of the bad vibes you would emit, thus protecting you. Garnets were once exchanged by parting friends to ensure they met again.


Geodes are hollow concretions containing crystals. All quartz crystals form within these geodes. When sliced open or halved they reveal a pattern made of ancient minerals. Amethyst geodes are some of the most wondrously beautiful objects on this planet. They somehow recall Merlin's crystal cave the legendary enchanter, who showed us the ways of the wizard pass all understanding. See also: amethyst and quartz


Hematite is a strange stone. It is projective, grounding and healing. It is heavy, solid and silvery black. To ancients, "hematite" was not what we currently call hematite, but instead what we have come to call bloodstone -- so all ancient referrals to hematite actually refer to bloodstone. Hematite possess curious properties of healing itself. If you scratch it and then rub your finger over it, the scratch may disappear. Hold a piece of hematite and ask a question, the answer will come to you. See also: bloodstone


That's not a typo -- I'm talking here about stones with holes in them. In Eddas, Odin transformed himself into a worm and then slipped through a stone to steal the mead of poetry. This myth gives holey stones the name Odin Stones. Stones with naturally occurring holes produced by erosion are highly protective objects. In ancient Britain holey stones were tied with red ribbons and hung on bedposts to prevent nightmares. The are receptive and promote psychism, health and protection. To assist in healing, charge a holey stone and wear it around your neck. Another use of the holey stone is to enhance psychism. To look through a holey stone is said to improve eyesight.


Jade was and is a sacred stone in China. Its receptive qualities promote love, healing, longevity, and wisdom. They are good gardening stones. Ancient instruments were carved of jade. Jade is believed to have the power over the weather. In New Zealand, a land untouched by time, jade images of ancestral figures are worn in ceremonies. The stone is protective and will guard against accidents. The Chinese sensed in jade the power to prolong life. Mayans wore jade amulets to guard against kidney disease and bladder problems.


In ancient Assyria one of the oldest civilizations Gug, or Jasper carvings, have been found. It comes in numerous colours. It has healing powers and can protect health and beauty.

Red jasper is projective and was used to protect and guard. It sends negativity back to its source.
Green jasper is receptive and is a healing stone. It can be worn to promote sympathy to others with emotion or mental problems.
Brown jasper is receptive and is used for grounding and centering ones own self. If you live with your head in the clouds, wear brown jasper to ward off danger.  Mottled jasper is projective and is worn for protection against drowning. If a cross is carved on it, then you will be protected from the four elements.


Jet is the Wiccas receptive tool used for luck, divination, protection and health. Black and glasslike, Jet is actually fossilized wood that is millions of years old. Because it is black it is associated with the earth elements, but because of its organic origins it is also related to the Akasha. Jet shares with amber the ability to become electrically charged. When worn, it is believed to be absorb part of the wearer's soul. Ancient Greek worshipers of Cybele, goddess of growth and plants, wore this to obtain her favor. Jet is a marvelous stone, but beware: much of what is sold today is actually just black glass. Jet has a very ancient history
as it maintains proper energy, therefore avoiding ill health. See also: fossils and amber


It is receptive and is the stone of Isis an ancient Egyptian goddess. It promotes healing, love, joy, fidelity, psychism, and gives the wearer protection and courage. Its beautiful blue hue is associated with Kings and Queens. It was a popular substance for cylinder seal found in ancient Sumer. It is an uplifting stone and will boost your psychic awareness and promote gentleness in the wearer.


Moonstone is a feldspar. It is receptive and comes in blue, white, or pink opalescent colours. It has long been dedicated to the Moon goddess. It is protective and should be carried when away from home. If you are on a diet, wear a charged moon stone and reprogram your eating habits. Eat light meals with lots of steamed vegetables and fresh fruit, avoiding sugar and red meats.


This receptive stone is lustrous and opalescent. It is the product of living creatures, the exterior skeleton of sea mollusks. Collect it in stream beds and ocean shores since commercial mother of pearl is obtained by killing the animal. It is related to the fifth element, the Akasha. In many parts of the world, seashells were once the medium of exchange.


It is projective and is used for grounding and divination. Obsidian is naturally occurring glass: it is simply lava that cooled so fast that the minerals contained within didn't have time to form. The ancient Aztecs fashioned it into mirrors. It also was popular for fashioning stone knives and spear heads. In Mexico obsidian is still fashioned for scrying tools. For some, the blackness of the stone allows easier contact with the subconscious mind.


Onyx is a projective stone used for protection, defensive magic and when facing adversity. In ancient times onyx was thought to be an imprisoned deity. It is worn to still sexual desires. Natural sexual impulses exist for pleasure, union with another and the divine. Suppression of this desire leads to hatred, isolation and lessening respect for all life forms. In this present day, sex is risky. Wear this stone to control ones desires when there is no chance of quenching it with your partner. When you are with your loved one again, stimulate your desires with a diamond or carnelian. See also: carnelian and diamond


The opal is projective and receptive. The opal contains colours as well as the qualities of every other stone. The ancients used it to promote astral projection. They can be used to recall past incarnations. Opals are worn to bring out ones inner beauty.

Fire opals are used in drawing money.
Black opals are prized by magicians and Wiccas to increase the power aroused and released from the body during magical rites.


Pearl, like amber, jet, and mother of pearl, is the product of a living creature. The power is receptive and attracts love, money, protection and luck. Since the oyster must be killed to obtain the pearl, the use of pearls in magic may carry a heavy debt. Pearls have long inspired religious and magical lore. The Romans imported pearls from Egypt were they were worn to grant favors from Isis. The early Chinese thought pearls fell from the sky when dragons fought amongst the clouds. They are connected with the moon, so that they should only be worn at night for magic. Pearls come in many different colours and have many specific magical uses.


They are receptive and promote protection, health, wealth and sleep. Peridot is worn or carried for general healing purposes. Its deep green hue suggests peridot's use in wealth attracting spells.


Petrified wood consists of ancient trees that eons ago fell and were covered with mineral-rich water. The water dissolved the wood and replaced it with various minerals. It is receptive and promotes longevity, past life regression, healing and protection. Because of its great antiquity, it can be carried to increase enjoyment of the evolution within our present day lives. Petrified wood is also carried as a charm against drowning.


The formation of crystal began some 200 million years ago in veins and pockets within the earth. Long thought by ancients to be solidified water or ice, its receptive power will capture you on sight. Quartz is used by all Wiccas and Shaman and is once believed its misuse was the downfall of the legendary Atlantis. They are I believe the stones of the New Age. Crystal balls were utilized in 10th century European magic. Quartz crystals were once used in early Radio transmission technology, and are widely used to coordinate the internal operations of computer -- in fact, there is almost certainly a tiny quartz crystal regulating the
computer you are using right now. A crystal garden of various colored crystals will endow your home with peace and harmony. Rose Quartz is especially used to stimulate love and to open the heart. In the New Age we have even more  insight into the powers of the mind and combined with the quartz we can call the up the peace we so all desperately seek. See also: amethyst, citrine, and geodes


This beautifully pink stone is projective and promotes love, peace and energy. It soothes the emotions and de-stresses us.


The ruby is projective and promotes wealth, protection, power, joy and is an anti-nightmare stone. This stone has ancient a history with the peoples of India and China. It is ruled by Mars and worn to increases energies. Jewelry set with rubies is said to banish sadness and produce joy.


Salt is receptive and is used for purifications. Salt has long been a sacred substance. It can be mined from the earth or collected from shallow water basins. Salt is necessary for life, yet overabundance can cause death. It is related to the earth elements. It is used to purify gemstones. You bathe your stones in salt to remove all negative energies. Salt is a mineral of crystalline structure, and if you look at it through a microscope you will see that it is composed of regular, six-sided cubes.


The sapphire is receptive and promotes psychism, love, meditation, peace, healing, power and money. The Greeks identified the sapphire with Apollo. His stone is worn to stimulate the third eye for expanding psychic awareness. Its soothing deep blue hue is worn during meditation. Its defensive magic stretches back to antiquity. It is the birthstone of September.
*Star sapphires are considered to be particularly potent and magical.


This stone is projective and promotes protection. Seals in ancient Assyria were made so the gods and goddesses would send double blessings. Its other use is to ward off poisonous creatures. Think about the fact when we leave our artificial environments we are subjected to nature in all its manifestations, including stinging creatures. Wearing serpentine you can prevent the misfortune of being stung.


These stones are twinned crystals which form into equal-armed crosses or x-shapes. At least three presidents of the United States carried these, including Roosevelt, Wilson, and Harding. Staurolite crystals are thought to protect and guard against negativity. They are also worn to draw wealth and energize the sexual drive.


There are at least two stones with this name. One if a form of translucent quartz which is orange, the other is a form of feldspar which comes from India. This stone is projective and has long been associated with the Sun because of its orange-gold sparkling colours. Unfortunately the sunstone's use in magic seems to be largely forgotten. If you find a sunstone, treasure it.


This projective stone promotes protection, courage, energy, luck and is good for divination and money spells. This is a warm stone and promotes energy flow through the body. Roman soldiers wore tiger's-eyes engraved for protection during battles.


The topaz is a projective stone and is the stone of the ancient Egyptian sun god Ra. It is a protective stone and is used to relieve rheumatism and arthritis as well as to regulate the digestive system. Wearing a topaz draws love. People born in the month of November will be drawn to this stone.


Tourmaline was unknown to ancient magician, but is a nevertheless a unique stone in many ways. The stone is transparent when viewed from the side of the crystal, yet opaque when viewed from either end. When heated or rubbed to create friction, it polarizes; that is, one end will become positive and attract ashes or light straws, the other negative. It comes in many colours to which each has its own specific uses.

        Pink tourmaline is receptive and draws love and friendship and to promote sympathy to others.
       Red tourmaline is projective and is worn to lend energy to the body. Worn, it promotes courage.
       Green tourmaline is receptive and is used to draw money and success in business. It will also stimulate
       Blue tourmaline is receptive and will de-stress you and promote peace and a restful sleep.
       Black tourmaline is usually too brittle for jewelry but is good in earth spells.
       Watermelon tourmaline consists of an interior or red or pink encased in green tourmaline. It gives the
        appearance of a sliced watermelon. It is worn to balance the projective and receptive energies within
        the body.
        Tourmalated tourmaline is receptive and is worn to promote astral projection.


Turquoise is receptive and is a sacred stone to many American Indian tribes. It promotes courage, money, love, friendship, healing and luck. A piece of turquoise is a required tool in the Apache shaman's medicine or power bag. This is a protective stone. Horse riders wear turquoise to protect themselves from falls. (I wonder if Christopher Reeve knew this before his most tragic accident?) In Ancient times, turquoise was utilized to gain wealth. Wearing turquoise can speed the healing process. Like all blue stones, it is said to attract good fortune.


Zircon is projective and is a somewhat confusing stone. It is found in many colours, but some of them have been artificially produced.

        Clear or White zircon is a magical substitute for diamond. It clears the thinking process.
       Yellow zircon is worn to increase sexual energy or to attract love. Carry it to drive away depression
        and to increase alertness.
       Orange zircon is worn to increase beauty. Carried during travel it guards again injury. Set in gold, it is
        doubly powerful.
       Red zircon increases riches and guards against injuries. A protective stone, it vitalizes and heals the
       Brown zircon is used for grounding and centering and is employed in wealth and money spells.
       Green zircon is used in money spells.