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                Welcome to The Medicine Path

My site deals with medicine, the experiences and items that empower us and change us. It is for this reason that I have named this area the Medicine Path. Abortion changes and scars a person for the rest of that person's life but it also can be an empowering experience and that is why I have started this support page. I wish for people who have gone through abortion, have been with someone while they had an abortion, or are thinking about abortion to come together and share their experiences. This enables us to learn from ourselves and each other and offer the support we may not get any where else. Below this is a link to a private message board set up just for this site, you may use the same password you used to get here. You may post your experiences and questions or just read and know that you are not alone in what you are feeling and experiencing. This is a safe haven where you can feel you can share anything without negative consequences. Below you will also find my story and why I felt the need to start this page.

My Story

I have now taken two pregnancy tests in my life. Ironically, both have been at the same time of year but eight years apart and both were positive results. Eight years ago, I decided to go to term with the pregnancy and place the child up for adoption. That story is told in the Rose Room on my site. But the second time I found myself pregnant was at the beginning of this year and was under very different surrounding circumstances. I had the support of my fiancee and we both made the decision to terminate this pregnancy.

On March 7, 2000, I walked into a small clinic scared out of my mind. About a week earlier, I called to make my appointment, they were very nonchalant about the whole thing. When I arrived, I was handed papers to sign, given a blood test, and prenancy test and then prepared for the abortion. I sat in the waiting room with a mixture of other women, the youngest being a teen-ager with her mother. My heart went out to all of them. We all knew why we were there but we all avoided eye contact with each other. After I made my decision I did research the procedure and learned what to expect, none of this was explained at the clinic. This was what amazed me and I think angered me the most. The one thing I remember the most was sitting in the back room with an I.V. in my arm and someone asked, "are there any risked?" She wasn't asking on eof the nurses but those of us around her. Someone replyed and that was all the talking. Ten minutes later, I wasn't pregnant anymore. I was too grogy from the anesesia, to even think about it all. I walked out the door, saw my boyfriend gave him a hug and we left. The next day I was back at work.

Neither my fiancee or I regret going through this but we are still healing. We talked about it openingly to each other and discuss are feelings whenever we need to. I consider myself lucky that this has brought us closer not farther apart.

However, I had and still have to keep my pregnancy and consequently abortion a secret . Though I have physically healed from the experience and am struggling emotionally. Just writing this has stirred emotion hidden deep. Though my fiancee and I talk about our feelings and what we are going through, we are a limited source. This is why I have chosen to begin this page, as a support system for those like me who have no where else to share their experiences and pain. Please take the time and post your experiences so that we can empower each other and help each other with the healing process.

During this time I also strongly turned to my faith, my fiancee and I created a personal ceremony to help give us the strength to get through the experience. As soon as I can I will place a modifed version of this ceremony on this page. No matter what faith you are, I believe that you can use this ceremony, for its more of a letting go and mourning process than anything else. 


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