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The following pages are a support system for those who have experienced or have been involved with, or are thinking about abortion. I have just recently created these pages to help and have people share their experiences with the controversial issue of abortion. I am neither pro life or pro choice and that is not what these pages are about. I want a place where people find it safe to share their experiences, the hurt, the loss from abortion. An outlet for those whom might not necessarily have one. Beyond this opening page is The Medicine Path support group. It contains forums, support sites and eventually, if there are enough people interested, an email support system. To continue further you must notify me by email to receive the password. These pages are password protected in order to insure security for those who wish to share and/or are looking for support. This is to protect the individual and the emotions connected with such a sensitive issue. I can be reached through email at, ICQ #2480281, or through AOL/AIM using the name Lady Braya.

If you have already contacted me and have the password you may proceed here.

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