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Upon the Threshold of Dreams



      For those who have dreamed a lifetime and back again.

        For those who have has dreams shattered and hopes

        Smashed, for those who never give up and those who have.





The Beginning of the End


          Looking out past the cloudy, musty pane,

          Past the darkness of ignorance and bliss,

          Beyond the printed word and criticism,

          Into the coming of age.


          Yearning to fly beyond the tar pits of time,

          Breaking free of the painful limitations,

          Striving for a newborn's cry,

          Riding on the golden fingers of the sky.


          Tired of the mechanical ruined world,

          The gray print of shadows playing along the wall,

          The clicking and clanking of the non-stop,

          And defining what cannot be defined.


          Let me fall away from here,

          Glide easily beyond the ordinary black and white,

          To find a sparkle of a dewdrop,

          Reflecting the specialness inside.










Sunshine Streaming Through A Cloudy Window


When I was done on my luck,

You pulled me through

When the world seemed against me

You were the one that cared.

When I was sad and crying,

You were that comforting touch.

You were my sunshine streaming through a cloudy window


You were my hope, my inspiration

You told me I was something, when I felt nothing

Like a firefighter you saves the life of a child

You saved mine and helped me through

For this I thank you

You were my sunshine streaming through a cloudy window



My Parents


    When I was younger I had dreams

       just like any other child.

    Dreaming of what the perfect parents

       would be like.

    Like my mother baking more cookies,

    Or my father running and playing more catch,

    Or having them not punish me,

    Or at least trying to understand me;

    And that I am not always at fault

    (even if they think so).

    And not dressing me up in funny clothes,

    And not dragging me to places I did not want to go.

    And always reminding me to say please and thank you.

    But when I grew up and left for college,

     out on my own finally,

    I started to miss the nagging and

    always correcting me.

    And I started to realize and see my

    parents through different eyes.

    I now see they can't be anything

    more than who they are.

    And I understand now what I couldn't

    understand then,

    That the parents who I always wanted

    and dreamed of as a child,

    I already had.








All I Really Wanted to Say


I can recite many lines from poems or songs of love about you and me.

I can tell you the numerous ways you make me feel good inside.

But all I really want to say is

I love you.

I can recall the good times we've had together.

I can mention then many times you've been there when I was down.

But all I really wanted to say is

I love you.

I don't really have to do all these but I want to tell you really

How much you mean to me and no other words can say this more than

I love you.







    People's hands can show so much

    The confusing, dark, overwhelming and

    Bleak mind

    By putting words down on paper

    With a pen

    Blood is running, flying even talking

    Through the veins in my hand

    And I know I would see


    If my hand were

    To break.



Tropical Paradise


Clean, refreshing water

    Rolling off the hill's side

Cooling to the burning, aching flesh.

Clear blue skies surround us from above

The sun may be hot,

But the tall, shady trees

Will protect against scorching rays

A soft breezy mist sways off the river

Birds give a tropical concert

Everything is peaceful, quiet, content

For there is no work to be done

(It can wait another day)

No phones ringing off the hooks

(They must have been removed from the receiver)

It's just another lazy afternoon

In paradise.





Racing along a clear blue river

I see the white clouds in the pale sky

To me they look like mountains to other

They twist into funny different shapes

The tall majestic pine trees grow taller

Before your eyes

The sun is setting behind these trees

Causing shadows to dance among the leaves

I dance among them with the animals as my friends

And as I lay down to rest

I feel the soft green grass as a blanket

I smell the flowers of spring and summer

I hear the running water following its path

I see an eagle flying high towards the sky

And soon the stars will be in my eye


The Triumph of the Phoenix


    Rising across a clear blue sky

    Soaring past soft white clouds

    Looking down into mountains that burn

    With an internal red flames

    Adventuring beyond the blind somber

    And reckless world

    Steering away from the

    Ashes of the dead

    And into the light of renewal

    Climbing, climbing

    Higher and higher

    Until reaching the heavens

    Always facing the sun

    And letting the shadows fall far below


Man vs. Animal


    In centuries past

    Man has struggled with

    The animal

    Man has exploited


    For his own pleasure


    The animal

    From its natural habitat

    For fun and games

    Amusement for man

    Hunted for no other

    Purpose than to be


    Man vs. animal

    The struggle continues

    The exploitation goes on

    The killings never end.

    When will it stop?




    The thrill of the hunt



    When will man learn

    That he is the


    And not

    The animals.


The Hawk


                                                         Standing on the edge of a cliff

                                                                      Sharp eyes

                                                                    Scanning the



                                                         Dropping at the speed of light

                                                                 Death claws open

                                                                      Dying fish

                                                             Soaring high in the sky

                                                                 Silence once again





Chalky blue smoke dream.

Alluring images materialize before half cracked eyes

Could it be the newborn cry of Romance or

Danger waking from an endless sleep?

Candle lit shadows flicker along speaking walls.

Biting voices that cut down the very marrow of life.

And yet guilt ridden shame prolongs that very essence.

Analyzing the maze stretched out before.

Finding the key that will bring home.

Beginning of rituals and fears

Ritual to fulfill

Fears to empty.

Emptiness boxes in the true self.

The true self that all must see.

Sight, visions, epiphanies.

Touched by the supernatural.

The supernatural essence of Being.

Being, belonging, the coming together.

Together as one.

One, wholeness, fulfillment of dreams.

Chalky blue smoked dreams.













Mirror Image


My eyes open upon yet another fresh, orange morning

My lungs take in the sweet essence of life as

My arms stretch to embrace the new day

Time is stealing you away from my memories

I struggle so desperately to photograph


You were the one that first heard my sharp

Comforting newborn cry

And held me in your arms

Never wanting to let go but

Knowing you have to


I, too, have recently felt that sensation

A son born unto my unworthy existence

Precious and Pure

Eyes looking toward me

For reassurance

For comfort

For nourishment


I was frighten to the very marrow of my life

I was twenty when I brought a helpless new breath

Into this world

You were seventeen

Three years difference but still a mirror image of each other

Mother and Daughter

Daughter and Son


Do you still think of me as that tiny

Newborn baby?

Twenty-six years have past

And I still think of you

We were never formally introduced

And yet share a bond that cannot

Be broken

Each child raised by different hands, different faces

But stilled loved the same


You and I

Will never meet

Nor will my son and I

But I will not let time have the

Satisfaction of erasing

My sweet images

You and my son are on my mind

And in my heart


Look the sun has awakened and a new day embodies the night...






Forever in My Heart


Smile when you think of me

That is how I want to be remembered

Know the sacrifices I have made

In that

I have given you the best.


Forever in my heart will you be

My newborn son

Sleeping peacefully in your

Mother's arms

Unaware of the decisions

Being made around you,

Innocent and Content.


You shall never know me

As I have known you

But we will never forget

Each other

We shall be forever in

Each other's hearts.


Smile when you think of me

For I smile when I

Think you of you my son

And you shall be

Forever in my heart.



Someone to Love



I look at pictures of you, my son

It’s truly the miracle of life

To believe that you and I

Were one for nine months

Nine months I was your mother

Nine month is a lifetime

For someone to love

Never once will I forget you

My Son

Never once will you not be

My Son

Never once will you not be

Someone to love






My Guardian Angel


I wish I had more time for our talks and walks but God needed you

somewhere else.

I remember the times we had together, laughing and playing.

As a small child, I played with the gelatin molds and baking items in

bottom drawer.

That kitchen drawer held more treasures that only a child can imagine.

As a teen-ager, we rang in many New Years together.

It was a delightful feeling knowing that you were the first person I saw

in the upcoming year.

As a young adult, we broadened our horizons together and each of us

moved from our homes.

Talking on the phone we would commiserate together about cafeteria


Recently, you watched as I achieved my dreams with the reception of a

piece of paper.

It was a comfort to me, as I stepped into a brand new world, that you

were so proud of me and what I had become.

I will miss our Sunday chats over the phone, catching up on daily

activities and such.

But God needed you somewhere else.

Now you are my guardian angel looking over me from above.

St. Anthony can't ignore you now; our prayers must be answered.

Watch over me Gram and pray for me.

Pray that I become everything you hoped and dreamed I would become

and more.

Now I know why God took you from my mist, to be there when I call in

a very special way.

For God has made you my guardian angel forever more.























I often find myself

Wondering where I’d


If I had taken a

Different path

And has distance myself

From my life

I now lead

What if I had gone

With feeling buried


The ones I hide now

The emotions I must


For I know now

What I must do

Finding the truth

Across the distances

I have caused

Bring together

What was once lost

What I once had

For the brief moment

We live, I will

I will

Always regret

The Distance

I have put between




Falling Apart


Breaking down the false barriers

Fading light

Being able to be myself

Is all I want

Someone save the soul within

Pull out the

Sparkling fame

Find the creativity within

Hiding in the realms

Of darkness

I am not afraid

See what you can find

Dare to tread upon

The vastness of my soul.




Fires that burn bright

Against the pale moonlight

Losing direction

Losing faith

Starting over

Starting new

Falling below

Can’t continue

Rage burns within

My heart

Hearing the cry of a

Wolf beneath the sky

Refreshes my animalistic


The being that

Yearns to be free

Free of this self destruction

Free of this hate

Free of this sadness

Someone set me free





Ramblings of a Loved One


I feel my life slipping away

Slowly ever so softly

I do no know what I wish to do

My dreams are but a fading mist in the dying sunlight

Feeling helpless I must go on

But can’t

No where to turn

No where to hide

Looking for a savior, looking for

A companion, a steady love

Going forth

Fading back

Gone is the bright light from

My eyes

The light that gave me life

The light that made me who

I am








Standing on the cutting edge of a cliff

Waves crashing against the jagged rocks below

Inching, inching, inching your way over

Closer, closer, closer you get

Feel the rock beneath your bare feet

Letting go

Falling, falling, far below

The wind brushing against you hands

Warm and flowing

The sun sets

Darkness comes

You see no more




In Search of…


Sadness consumes me and steals away my soul.

Night falls and embalms me with its madness.

I must find myself.

I must flee.

I am looking into a void that seems

That seems…

To go on…

To go on



The eternity of my life.

Throw me a rope.

Nope, slipped through my hands.

Throw me a ladder.

Nope, just out of reach.

Send me a light.

Nope, only darkness.


Darkness of my soul.

Is there life?

Is there hope?

I am in search…

Is there love?

Is there peace?

A voice from no where yet


Says softly…







Where are you when I need you?

Sorrow has overwhelmed me causing my eyes to weep.

I cry to release the emotions that have swelled up inside.

I weep for your comforting hug and warm touch.

Night after night, I lay on my pillow and cry for you.

My cries penetrate the darkness of the night.

Calling out for help.

Calling out for you.

But you never answer.

Finally, as the sun wakes from sleep,

I am exhausted with the feelings that are struggling inside.

I fall asleep weeping softly and whispering out your name.





Trapped in the past….Looking for the future


Stepping forward only to keep

Looking back

Barbed wire binds my hands

Eyes shut tightly against the light

Gagged by incoherent words

Cards dealt Cards played

Hanged man appears

Mirror image of life

Glass shatters

Pieces fall

Chains break

Light floods in





Distant time, distant past

Emerges to the present

Light embalms the soul

Searching ends

The truth is told

Messages are sent

Warnings heeded

Out of ashes

We will arise





Four nations clash in a violent

Storm of power and greed

With blood-stained tears and

Callused hands

She rose above them

With bending and unyielding


She stands before them

Gold upon her brow

Steel power in her hand

Her burning eyes view the future

Four nations burn and forge

Under her rule

And emerge as








Do we have the power to


Children robbed of the

Rite of passage to adulthood

Lost through the break down of

Communications between generations

Searching for their own belonging

Unleashed powers in their hands

Powers of which they know nothing of

Violent storms emerge from within

Innocent Hands

Shed the blood of innocent lives

We must remember the

Forgotten realms

Forgotten rites

In order to set what is wrong




Come rain and cleanse my soul

Wash away all doubt beyond my control

Refresh and renew my tired body

Lightening clashes Thunder responds

I feel the cool drop running

Down my face

My skin sheds and peels the layers

Which have consumed me

With each flash of light and blast of sound

I stand taller

Refreshed and renewed

I can free myself again




With a clash of lightening my soul is born

Unto a world of destruction

Fading images blur and

Bind me to the fog soaked soil

Destined to relieve past mistakes

I strive to make this a better place

Repentance burns my crystal eyes

Reflecting skeletons for which I hide

I reach for redemption

But fall short of the task

Put forth before my unworthy


Begin again

I must

Standing alone earth beneath my feet

I feel the powers surround me

Chains that bind fade away

Release the final energies that


Soaring high I set my spirit


Free of troubles that combined

Free of worries that weigh me


Higher and higher to the

Ultimate realm

I am

I am





Streaming through the ages of time

Looking for that one true soul

Never doubt the essence of love

Along comes that one that has the power to

Subdue the ravage heart

Tranquility of mind

Body heals

Souls unite

We have become




My Mission


I look upon this world

With loving eyes

In hopes of changing the

Destruction around me

I teach by example

With Love and Peace

The children shall change our

Inadequate ways

The children shall change out

Prejudices and Racist attitudes

The children are our peacemakers

Our leaders for a better tomorrow

My hope is to inspire them

To become what is inside of them

Give them the tools to build

A better future

A better world

For us all


The Flight of the Cranes


Soaring great distances by day

Wings spread out to touch the sky

Such social beings are they

Who travel all this way

South is thy destiny

For winter stay

Till spring thy circle is complete

Oh come majestic birds

And rest thy weary wings

Tomorrow is but another day






Crimson crowed brows

And feathers of cloudy sky gray

Thousands come to stay

By night resting great wingspans of flight

Grass-knoll fields turned into

A sea of feathers and flight

The winds echoes with the

Songs of thousand





Little Angel


Precious Angel, beloved child

Sleeping peacefully in my arms

Such delicate fingers


Such tiny toes


Oh Little One

The world is a better place

Now that you have arrived

And I take great pride

In being your aunt

And in welcoming you

Little Angel

To heaven here on earth






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