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The Way of the Warrior
We believe:

         In the Father Sun and The Mother Earth as personifications of the male and female aspects of deity.

        That the Earth is a living being and all things, Animal, Vegetable and mineral are related and as such deserve reverence.

         That all things, Animal, Vegetable and Mineral have a spirit that can aid us through the use of totems.

That every soul has a Destiny

         In the Principle of Harmony, the balance of opposites as a Universal Principle

        That through The Principle of Action and Effect our individual actions effect the entire Universe.

  In reincarnation as a means of fulfilling Destiny and restoring Harmony

      That the Spirit and the Soul are separate entities. The Soul is consistent through all incarnations, but the Spirit is limited to one.

     In existence on 5 distinct but interrelated levels as a Universal principle

All true Pagans are kindred spirits

          Diversity of The Human Spirit is sacred and condemn conventional               religion for it's intolerance of that diversity, as well as it's disregard for
our Mother Earth.

       Pacifism is a denial of the Divine spark within. Failure to defend oneself or one's belief negates their importance and validity.