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The legend of King Arthur has always fascinated me. I can't recall when this all started but during this past year I have discovered more about the legend than I ever knew. Through past regressions and meditations, I have come to realize that I had a part in this legend and have been reunited with the past in the present to fulfill past obligations. It is because of this I have decided to rewrite the King Arthur legends in my own point of veiew and correct what has been misinterpreted over the many thousand of years. Below you will find a synopsis of the book that I am writing. It is in story form. Please feel free to comment on my story either through email or the message board .

Please remeber this is a work in progress and please forgive any typos that may have occured. Thank you, Braya

 Fog drifted over a peaceful countryside manor while miles away cries and shouts of battle could be heard clashing with metal swords and splintering shields. A figure rose out of the fog and floated toward the estate. A cloaked figure who is well known in the day and yet is but a shadow at night. A young woman appears and greets the hooded man. He gives her herbs and instructions to prepare a tea with them and is to give them to her Lady before she retires for the night. The woman inquires about the battle and the Lord of the Manor but the dark figure just shakes his head and says that is not his way or concern. The maiden looks at the herbs in her hand and then at the retreating figure, without questioning she does what is asked of her. Later that night while the battle still raged another figure on horseback rides toward the manor, shouts to the watch tower and then is let in. The man appears to have seen the heat of the battle for he is bruised and covered in sweat. He dismounts from his horse and shoos away attending servants. He walks steadily and stride fully through the stone hallways and enters the sleeping chambers. With a few words he is within the Lady's arms and stays with her till just before dawn and then slips away into the countryside. As the sun rises shouts of distress awaken the castle and the Lady. She runs down to the entrance only to be greeted by her husband's cold body and what remained of his war party. She stares at the corpse in disbelief. Others gather by her side with the same dumbfounded expression. The Lady collapses by the bloody remains and is overwhelmed with emotion and confusion. For she believed that she had laid with her husband just a few short hours ago and now he laid dead before her. She demanded to know when his death occurred, the soldiers were startled by her request, she continued to plead.  Just after the witching hour, one recalled. She shook her head. She knew she had been betrayed, the tea, the deep sleep, she knew she had been trick. Her hands clawed at her hand-maiden's garments near her throat, demanded for her tell of the tricks that had been played. The hand-maiden's eyes fell toward the ground and uttered one name, Merlin. The Lady's eye's flashed with anger, she knew Merlin was acting for Uther Pendraggon, her king and her husband's Commander. The Lady turned and stormed off to her bed chambers leaving behind a shocked and confused staff of servants and soldiers. Three days later, the Lady held funeral rites for her husband, Lord Gerlois.

On September 18th in the year of 510, Lady Igraine presented King Uther, with a son, Arthur. In May of the following year, Uther married Igraine making their son the legitimate heir to the throne of Briton. Uther put the raising of the boy into the hands of servants and left the teaching of the boy to his advisor Merlin.  Though as the boy grew older Uther took it upon himself, when he was able, to train Arthur in the art of battle. Uther become a hero in the young boys eyes and this adoration continued well into his teen years. Merlin, however, found it hard to relate to the childish ways of a young prince and consequently  became an unbearable advisor. Lady Igraine chose not to be a part of Arthur's life as she could only see him as a betrayal of her love for Lord Gerlois. Instead she turned her efforts to her daughter, Morgana, her only child with Gerlois. She had Merlin agree to train Morgana in the ancient arts. Merlin, knowing his part in Arthur's conception and birth, reluctantly agreed. He taught both children separately and in different ways, Arthur learned of battles, politics and leadership, skills he would need as king and Morgana learn of the arts of magic and healing which she eagerly learned but always felt as though Merlin held back his knowledge of these areas.

As Arthur grew into adulthood, he became a strong fighter and leader. At the age of fifteen, Arthur ascended the thrown of High King after the death of his father in the year, 525. Arthur had several advisors including Merlin to help him with stately affairs. Arthur immediately took on his father's task of fighting and ridding his kingdom of the Saxons, a warring tribe from the West. After this campaign had begun, The Lady of the Lake and High Priestess presented Arthur with the only weapon forged by the Druids, the famed sword of Excalibur. This strengthen Arthur's position as High King as his role in uniting the tribes of Briton. In the year of 530, at the age of 20, Arthur married the Lady Guinevere. This was an arranged marriage between Arthur's advisors and Guinevere's father to cement an alliance between the two kingdoms. Both took their roles seriously and consented to the marriage. Though the marriage was not out of love a mutual respect for one another grew out of the years. Arthur never truly interested in the affairs of the heart concentrated his efforts in battles and driving back the Saxons from his territory along with the Picts who had now joined in for fighting for Arthur's prized kingdom.

For ten years, Arthur campaigned along the countryside with his army and his right-hand-man Lancelot. During one of the of the many raids and small battles, Arthur rode into a small western village which was currently under attack by the Picts. During the battle he discover a young woman who was about sixteen years in age who was trying to fight of the offensive attacks of a lust starved Pict. Arthur fought the Pict off and then with the request of the young woman set the man free to flee but only to be cut down by Lancelot a few feet from the scene. The young woman's name was Gwynne. Being orphaned in the raid, Arthur took Gwynne in his care. After much healing and recuperating Gwynne became Arthur's companion and traveled with him during small campaigns. Gwynne lived in a small town just outside of Camelot and was taught over the years the art of Magick and healing. For eight or nine years peace reigned in Arthur's kingdom. During this time Arthur continued to work on building Camelot and strengthening and training more men for his army. Over the years, Arthur created the round table in fashion after the Celtic wheel of life, where 13 men could sit around the table and consult about politics and kingdom affairs.

However during this time of peace, dark forces were starting to gather quietly against Arthur. Romans had introduced Christianity into the Celtic pagan societies and it was being used as a tool to destroy the Celtic way of life. The head leader of this destruction was a man called Saladin. A man who had his own agenda to rule through others and lead attacks against the Druids causing them to flee villages and become outcasts of society. Saladin convinced Morgana that she deserved the thrown and Arthur had no right to it. However she being a woman had no claim to the crown and therefore a plot was hatched between her and Saladin which produced Mordred. Mordred was raised by Morgana and carefully groomed to fight Arthur and make forcefully if need be take the thrown from Arthur.
In the spring of 546 when Mordred was turning 16, Morgana presented him to Arthur's court and tried to convince the court that Mordred was a result of a love affair between herself and Arthur and that Mordred was the true heir to the thrown. Even though Mordred bared a striking resemblance to Arthur, it was hard to convince Arthur's loyal subjects that Mordred was his son. Mordred and Morgana were thrown out of court.
By the fall, Mordred had gathered an army and loyal subjects to attack Arthur and seize the High Crown for himself. Chaos began to fall over the land.

In November, 546, Mordred and his army rode for Camelot. Arthur confident of his previous battles and recruitment and training of his army rode to meet and believed to defeat Mordred and the traitors. They met in the Battle of Camlan.  It was to be the final battle of Arthur, for he knew the Gwynne was caring his child and that child would be the heir to the crown. For Mordred on the other hand it was to be his final triumph after which he would seize Camelot and the Crown. The two met face to face. Mordred was dressed in black, armor furnished by nations over seas would wished for a sake in the new Briton. After held Excalibur in his hand and a wound on his leg from the fierce fighting. Arthur was the first to mortally wound Mordred who fell to the ground. Mordred cried out for his father, and Arthur truly believed do to the resemblance he was Mordred's father. For a brief moment Mordred penetrated Arthur's defenses and concentration. Arthur went to Mordred's side. Mordred greeted his father with a knife through the chest. Arthur staggered and tried to flee but fell from his wounds.  Mordred died shortly afterwards.
Many other were slaughtered in the final battle including Lancelot, the Lady of the Lake and Gwynne.

Arthur was taken from the battle field that day by faeries loyal to Arthur and Gwynne. Arthur was taken by boat to the island of Avalon to heal, and await for the time to return when he was needed the most.